Previous Years Haunts

In 2005 a group of us got together to start doing yard haunts at my house each year. 

Our goal was to be able to introduce people to haunted houses.  To do this we did not charge for entry.

After our first successful year we decided to take donations each year for a local charity.  

Each year we grew bigger.  We would constantly change our themes to kepe things fresh and exciting.

Eventually we started working with the Veterans High School Beta Club and The Joanna Mcafee Childhood Cancer foundation.  It was a match made in Haunted House Heaven.  The kids from the high school could help with a local charity fullfilling their volutneer hourse.  Monies were raised for the Cancer foundation and we had a blast running the haunts.


From 2005 to 2012 we held haunted houses in Warner Robins GA.  We always ranked high on  (We cannot be found on the GA list anymore since we are now in AZ)

One year we were even sponsored by Lions Gates film to do promo material for Saw V. 

Each year we changed our theme  Here is a list of some of past themes:

  • The Middle GA Slasher
  • History of Wellston GA (set in 1800s the truth behind the demons of the town)
  • Little Timmy's House of Horror
  • Twisted Fairy Tales
  • Jim Bob Jenkin's magical circus


In 2013 I moved to Tucson AZ. 

2013 Did a small version of Jim Bob Jenkin's Carnavalue De Los Meurtre

2015 Got asked by a local church to setup their Haunted House.  We did all the design, planning, etc. for them and it was a great success.